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  • Mission

    Vanbot does intend to build InteriorTechnology further. Meanwhile, we are on version 3 of Assunta. First we had Assunta 75 with an industrial motor in the middle and two belt tubes to raise the panel via belts. Since 2018, we have now been marketing Assunta 40 with two separate DC - motors (left and right) and recently Assunta RECTA where the panels no longer need to be beveled at the top and bottom edges, making it a lot more accessible for the interior builder. Assunta RECTA is already on sale but is currently being optimised. In the longer term, a new version of Aletta, the system for horizontal sliding doors, will follow. TV - lifts, cabinet - lifts, painting - lifts and customised projects are basically going out and the focus is entirely on Assunta and Aletta. There are still ideas for sliding panels but development mainly takes time (and money). Today, we have an increasing demand for Assunta and Aletta so this is not an issue for some time yet.

  • History

    Vanbot BV eventually does the continuation of the InteriorTechnology - business of Verdonck Development & Systems BV. VDS has developed two activities over the years. On the one hand which stands for robot applications where the robot finishes workpieces with a tool, a project-based business. On the other hand which concerns interior automation with mainly vertical sliding doors under the name ASSUNTA. Meanwhile, VDS has already moved to Menen in a new building in the industrial zone Uitbreiding Oost for more than two years. This has resulted in strong growth, especially in the CNC section. To such an extent that of necessity (staff shortage), attention was focused on this branch and InteriorTechnology was somewhat pushed aside. At VDS, there were now two managers, Frank Verdonck and Lander Debruyne (son-in-law). It had always been Lander's intention to continue the company and this switch was made. However, Lander could no longer add the interior automation because of the expansion of CNC. Frank Verdonck has also always been the inspirer and developer of the systems for sliding doors. So much has been invested in this (patents have been taken out) that it would have been a shame to throw the baby out with the bathwater. Therefore, Frank decided to continue Interior Technology but back from Proven. And so Vanbot (Mechatronic Development) saw the light of day.

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