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  • Assunta 40

    State of the art system for vertical sliding doors up to 40 kg

  • Assunta 75

    The reference for vertical sliding cabinet doors up to 75 kg

  • Aletta

    Horizontal sliding door in one plane

  • TV lift

    TV slides vertically from the cabinet

  • Painting lift

    Painting covers TV

  • Assunta 40 is the new version of Assunta for vertical sliding doors up to 40 kg. The system is suitable for 1, 2 or 3 sliding doors.

  • Assunta 75 is suitable for doors up to 75 kg and even up to 150 kg with the optional more powerful motor, up to room height with 4 moving doors.

  • Aletta is a system for the motorisation of horizontal sliding doors. When closed, all doors are within a single plane. The doors are suspended from standard guide fittings and are pulled by a drive module developed by VDS. The opened door slides behind the fixed part.

  • TV lift

    The TV set slides vertically out of a cabinet.

  • Painting lift

    The painting hides TV set when not in use.